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Look up the value of any home on our website and learn more about the estimated cost, address, bedrooms, bathrooms, square feet, property type, year built, lot size, last sold and other property history records. We provide an easy and cheap solution to find out property values and other important home owner records online. By doing your homework on our website you can find out a wealth of information you may not have come across through your real estate agent, previous homeowner or home inspector.

Our website shows you the property by area and even gives you data on homes not for sale so you can evaluate your own real estate, comparing it to the current market. We are your property record research tool for home buying, home selling, homeownership, mortgages, and rentals. We offer home evaluations for most houses in the United States, including ones currently owned.

The property records product provides not only property value reports but also information on our website, blogs, and social media outlets. We aim to calculate the most accurate home values possible through sold prices, public records of assessed value, and area real estate information.

As one of the nation's leading online property record destinations, we have released millions of reports to our satisfied customers. Visitors to our website can search for homes by location and find out the value, learn more information about mortgages, and seek answers to real estate questions through a property value report. We offer this resource to enable our consumers to make the best possible home buying or selling decisions they can, in an easy and inexpensive format.

Our mission is to create a service providing the customer the best quality data in our industry.

  • Always listening and responding to customer feedback to achieve the best customer service in the industry.
  • Actively monitoring and seeking out customers who felt they had a less than perfect experience and addressing the issue, including full refunds.
  • We work with the BBB, banks, advertising partners and compliance professionals to review our billing disclosures and claims to insure we adhere to industry best practices and excellent customer experience.

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Our reports contain NMVTIS data recommend by FTC

Why choose our reports?

  • A+ BBB rating
  • We’ve sold 6 million reports and provided 15 million free vehicle history reports
  • No hassle, no questions asked 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • 24/7 live chat, email, text and phone support
  • Every year our reports warn consumers of thousands of salvaged and stolen vehicles 
  • We offer industry leading discounts for quantity reports. Our volume discount offers reports at less than $1 per report, saving consumers hundreds of dollars over our competitors.

We have partnered with the most reliable data providers:

  • Authenticom
  • Zillow
  • RealtyTrac
  • MelissaData
  • LexisNexis
  • Skipmax
  • ObituaryData
  • SearchBug
  • SoftechInternational
  • Equifax
  • TLO (Transunion)
  • EVOX
  • National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
  • Insurance Institute for Highway Safety
  • Kelly Blue Book
  • JD Power
  • Chromedata
  • Ipsos

Our family of reporting sites have received over 500,000 reviews in the last 7 years. Each day we show some of the feedback customers have sent us by email, chat and online.

Consumer Reviews

"I have to annually provide an updated driving record to my employer. It has been a burden in the past, but the system seems to have been updated. Its very explanatory and transparent. Is it also cheaper? I seem to remember a higher charge in the past. If so, thats a great improvement. It saved me from sitting at the DMV all morning, which is also a great relief. My only complaint is that there doesnt seem to be an easy version of the report to print without all the unnecessary information at the bottom DUIs in my area, etc.. I expected to see a printer friendly button to download the report with just the information my employer would need. Otherwise, this has been a way better experience than in the past. Shelbee helped me very quickly on the chat feature, too. Thanks."

Consumer Reviews

"Review was on the mark and gave me a good selling range to where it closely matched what I am asking. The Land Rover has a pretty good resale value. No wrecks. Only one owner and well maintained and with a good service record. Tires are different than when purchased and larger with 18 wheels instead of 19 wheels that were stock when purchased. There are some accessories that were added after purchase. This truck is in top condition and the report reflects this. Interior is spotless except for a line crack in the vinyl dash where the passenger airbag is installed. The body and paint are like new except for a few scratches and mainly those are on the passenger side door from having close parking in the garage. This baby will off-road and I wish I could keep it."

Consumer Reviews

"This report gave more information than I expected. It was especially interested in how many owners and it the an had any water damage. Thankfully it did not. Also the report offer advice on how to search for a used vehicle and what to look for. I was able to print off a Vehicle Inspection Check list to take on my next car viewing. This site also provided lots of addition resources to get more information about the vehicle. The report also show the vehicle specification and verified and I was able to compare the mileage with the mileage at the dealer website. It is a good price to verify car history especially when the dealer web site did not offer a Carfax report. I wish the information could be emailed to me or is always available under my login."

Consumer Reviews

"I wanted to check to see if this report matched the Carfax report from the dealer, it did. I realize that maintenance issues may not show up in the report if not reported, and thats the problem. I bought a car with a bad catalytic converter from a dealer now I have to pay for it. I didnt know until two days after purchase when the engine light came on. I liked that major possible problems were checked, such as water damage, stolen, number of owners, etc.I would have liked to know the true maintenance problems that the vehicle may have had before I made my purchase. Again, I realize that the report can only submit what has been reported and with that in mind, it was very helpful. I wish there was some way to make used car dealers more honest."

Consumer Reviews

"My wife and I are very interested in purchasing a 2015 Leisure Travel Class C RV, which is located about 450 miles from where we live. Before doing anything further we wanted detailed information on the RV from an independent source - not the seller. From past experience buying used cars we knew the importance of using the vehicle VIN # as a way to research vehicle condition, possible ownership/title/lien problems, potential hidden mechanical/chassis problems from accidents, market value, etc. We used from a Google search. We received a very detailed report in less than about 10 minutes covering everything we needed to know. Using a VIN search service should be a must for anyone looking to purchase a used vehicle or any kind."

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