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Look up the value of any home on our website and learn more about the estimated cost, address, bedrooms, bathrooms, square feet, property type, year built, lot size, last sold and other property history records. We provide an easy and cheap solution to find out property values and other important home owner records online. By doing your homework on our website you can find out a wealth of information you may not have come across through your real estate agent, previous homeowner or home inspector.

Our website shows you the property by area and even gives you data on homes not for sale so you can evaluate your own real estate, comparing it to the current market. We are your property record research tool for home buying, home selling, homeownership, mortgages, and rentals. We offer home evaluations for most houses in the United States, including ones currently owned.

The property records product provides not only property value reports but also information on our website, blogs, and social media outlets. We aim to calculate the most accurate home values possible through sold prices, public records of assessed value, and area real estate information.

As one of the nation's leading online property record destinations, we have released millions of reports to our satisfied customers. Visitors to our website can search for homes by location and find out the value, learn more information about mortgages, and seek answers to real estate questions through a property value report. We offer this resource to enable our consumers to make the best possible home buying or selling decisions they can, in an easy and inexpensive format.

Our mission is to create a service providing the customer the best quality data in our industry.

  • Always listening and responding to customer feedback to achieve the best customer service in the industry.
  • Actively monitoring and seeking out customers who felt they had a less than perfect experience and addressing the issue, including full refunds.
  • We work with the BBB, banks, advertising partners and compliance professionals to review our billing disclosures and claims to insure we adhere to industry best practices and excellent customer experience.

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Our reports contain NMVTIS data recommend by FTC

Why choose our reports?

  • A+ BBB rating
  • We’ve sold 6 million reports and provided 15 million free vehicle history reports
  • No hassle, no questions asked 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • 24/7 live chat, email, text and phone support
  • Every year our reports warn consumers of thousands of salvaged and stolen vehicles 
  • We offer industry leading discounts for quantity reports. Our volume discount offers reports at less than $1 per report, saving consumers hundreds of dollars over our competitors.

We have partnered with the most reliable data providers:

  • Authenticom
  • Zillow
  • RealtyTrac
  • MelissaData
  • LexisNexis
  • Skipmax
  • ObituaryData
  • SearchBug
  • SoftechInternational
  • Equifax
  • TLO (Transunion)
  • EVOX
  • National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
  • Insurance Institute for Highway Safety
  • Kelly Blue Book
  • JD Power
  • Chromedata
  • Ipsos

Our family of reporting sites have received over 500,000 reviews in the last 7 years. Each day we show some of the feedback customers have sent us by email, chat and online.

Consumer Reviews

"I was ot aware ofte site, bt was glad tht I did. I am selling my house anI wanted to see what you thought it may be worth. Alhough I do not fully agree withyou, I can ork with yourfiures. We upgred to more expensie materials, and gave the house better curb ppeal with gbles, stone ront, etc, nd vaulted ceilings, plus a unroom and ten foot basement with workshop. But that is something you ould not know. You also woul not know that all interior doors re six panel SOLID oak, including the closet door. I leared what I wanted to know from yor listso all in all i am happy and woul recommend your site to anyone wo has a eed for your services. Thank you...Dave Channell"

Consumer Reviews

"The report was clear, concise, and complete.It was full of details about many aspects of the house that I had not even thought about. Someone went to great lengths to carefully check for every possible flaw, but evidently found none.The house has held up quite well and I would say that the house still would fit the description laid out in the report. I so appreciate the valuable information contained in it and also that it was made available to me. I did find that the report listed an incorrect roofing material It listed the material as shake, but the roof is actually made with tile. Perhaps the report can be changed in order to correct this one small detail."

Mobile Customer
SMS User Feedback

"Thank you again sir a very valuable service you provide and I know sometimes a lot of the information on perpetrators are not Puttin on a timely basis or sometimes not even at all but that I need to have this information its a family issue and this thirty-one-year-old perpetrator is causing problems in his home that hes staying in and I just want to make sure I have as much up-to-date information as possible I was brought to my attention that Florida does not extradite from Tennessee or South Carolina he is a flight on probation and if he was captured he would serve probably another 8 years and thats what Im looking for thanks again sir have a great night"

Consumer Reviews

"All information that you need is here for a very convinient price before you intent to buy a car. You are able to check if the car is stolen, what has happened during previous operating time and more. I was wondering if car has any accident, major repir, how was the maintanence, what is trim exactly the car is. You can find all the answers that you need to know about your future car. I would recommend you to use this service before you want to own a vecihle. it would help you to make sure if everything is fine with the vehicle. you wont have any question mark before you are purchasing the car, no you can proceed with a pieceful mind and purchase the car."

Consumer Reviews

"I like how you could look at the exterial of the house i.e. The ally the birds I view rooftop Windows, hedges .The house next door how close it is located. The website was easy to fallow.., clear view of the roof this was a good experience.I didnt like looking at the new Bank that showed.I really didnt like looking at the Trash can for the restaurant . I liked the landscape very much . It was well manacured simple lots of lush green hedges and lawn. I hated that new construction tense blocking the quiet is NORTH AVE AND Oak Park Ave .I especially like the house curve appeal , the color of the house.Is there a lot of Traffic in those two streets"

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